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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 11:10:34 -0700 (PDT) From: Jay Johndon Subject: Omarion's Song Part 2Disclaimer: The following story is completely fictional. It is not intended to imply anything pussy free lolitas nu about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives."So how did it go with Omarion???" asked Joe and Kris, the other pre teen lolita incest members of my writing team"Great! He even asked Rome to sing background on loli nude child pic the song!" replied Mark."That's ccrraazzzzyyyy!!!! I tried angels innocente lolitas models to text yall but yall didn't respond!!" said Kris."Well I didn't get any service in there, but I definitely responded later on that night. Yo punk ass was prolly sleep by den." I jokingly said."Yo, so what happened after I left?" asked Mark"We didn't get finished until about 3:00 this morning and everyone was gone except me, Omarion and the engineer. And the only reason why I was still there was because you left me for yo girl!""Haha, dude my bad. But I wasn't really doing anything anyway! I mean it was cool for the first FIVE HOURS," said Mark as everyone laughed, "then I realized I had priorities!! I was gonna come get you but you never responded when I asked if you brazil small lolita pics needed me to come back! How'd you get home?""Again, I had no service. The producer dude was gonna take me but he had to leave too so Omarion himself took me," I said poking my chest out."Really???" said everyone."Yeah man!" I said."Haha, fuck that fag. You don't even like Omarion. Why the fuck you so proud that some dude took you home. Haha, fags." Said Joe laughing as well as everyone kiddy cloud lolita pedo else."Laugh all yall niggaz want, but don't lolitas yung sex preteen be tryna be cool with me when I'm hanging out with Omarion and all the celebrities and shit. Haha. I'll get yall their autographs." I said"Haha, yeah yeah yeah. So what yall talk about on the ride home? Bet that nigga cocky as shit. preteen lola pics sexy Fucking fag." Asked Joe. He calls everyone a fag."Na dude is chill. We had a good little conversation. He even wanted to hear some more of our songs so I took him to the music room and played our best shit. Nigga said he wants to help us get placements.""Word? But he's just a singer, he ain't no A&R." said Mark"True, but still sounds cool when you teen lolita pics tgp tell people that Omarion wants to help us out." Kris said laughing along with everyone else.Just then I got a text from Omarion saying, "Whats up dude, lolita xxx 9 13 what you up to?" I was surprised as shit to see it. I ain't think he was actually gonna contact me, atleast not this soon. He left my house only 8 hours ago. "Why you smiling so hard nigga?" asked Joe. "Just thinking about something funny. Yo what are we doing today?" I said trying to change the preteen nude lolita x subject."We gotta finish that one song that Kris wrote to that Lazyball track." Replied Mark. Mark was the oldest and I consider him my best friend. He is also the only one that knows everything that we are supposed to be doing today. Not russian lolita model photo the most talented, but definitely the most dependable and important when you need him. He has an ear like no other. He might not be able to come up with a rhyme/melody/harmony by himself, but he mexican lolita 12 yo knows when something is not right and will say, "Nah, change that." And when it's right he'll say, "Yeah yeah yeah, platinum." The team wouldn't survive without him.Joe is a beast at harmony. We all can do really good harmony, but Joe be on some Brandy-type shit where it's like the heavens open and you're suddenly surrounded by God's most sacred musical angels. Kris junior lolita blow jobs is our radio guy. While he struggles with ballads, or slow jams, he is an expert at creating radio ready club songs that are filled with catchy melodies and crazy runs. I am known for my arrangement and musicianship. Since I play instruments, I understand how a song is supposed to be arranged. Whether it's a build-up that a song needs, or a break down to set the mood, I understand the formula to make a song complete. There is a thin-line between sounding corny and sounding relate-able. Kris and I have the ability to lyrically make a song relate-able and poetic.30 minutes later I finally respond to Omarion's text while Kris was recording. "In a session with the guys. Whats good with you man?" I said. Five minutes later I get a text saying, "Took you long enough! loli guestbook preteens pictures Nah, but I'm tryna get up with you tonight before I leave tomorrow." Damn, dude is leaving? I respond saying:"Damn. I'm not sure if I'm little lolita ranking paysites going to be free tonight. I'm gonna be with the guys all night over here.""Where are yall at?""My place""How bout I stop by? I want to meet them, and I can bring a friend that I think they might like.""Really? Who? That sounds cool though!""You'll see. I'll be over there in a couple of hours."Two hours passed and no word from Omarion. We were almost done with this song called, "Tragedy" when I heard my doorbell ring. I already knew who it was so my heart started thumping. Joe said, "Who the fuck is that? Nigga you know we don't have visitors during our sessions. You fuckin up.""Nigga chill out punk bitch." I said laughing. Then I went upstairs to get door. When I opened I saw Omarion standing with none other than the beautiful ATL native Ms. Ciara Harris!"Yooo! That's Ciara you're standing with!" I said star-struck and losing mad cool points."Yeah and I'm Omarion. Can we come in?" Omarion said smiling."Haha yeah yeah yeah, come preteen lolita models thong on come on." I said rapidly signaling my hand for them to enter."Awww you didn't tell me he was so cute O," Ciara lolita nymphet nude bbs said looking at me smiling. I just smiled and looked away bashfully."Ah man, thanks Ciara!" I said still blushing over fresh russian loli tgp my dimples."So you said you with your team right?" asked Omarion."Yeah, we are all downstairs.""Lead the way," said Ciara. Damn, TWO celebrities in my house. This shit does not happen often.As we walk down the stairs I go in the room and say, "Niggas niggas niggas, we got some company." Then Omarion and Ciara walk in the room and everyone's jaws drop and eyes widen. Kris started squinting really hard to see if they who they think they were."How you doing fellas?" Ciara said smiling her sexy ass smile."Wh... nudest camp lolita pic wh... what's going on?" asked a pleasantly confused Joe."Well my boy Rome kept talking about yall last night and after I heard yall's music, I told him I'd help get yall placements. Didn't he tell you that?""I mean, yeah but..." started Joe."we didn't think..." finished Kris, as Mark just sat there with his eyes on Ciara, he's a huge Cici groupie"Well I'm looking for songs for my album." Said Ciara, "I thought it was done, but the reception hasn't been that positive so I'm slated for a May 5th release... enough time to naked preeteen loli girls find more songs.""Well we got plenty of songs!" said Mark"Let's hear them!" she said."While yall conducting russian young teen lolita business, I'm gonna talk to Rome for a minute." Omarion said.Me and Omarion go into another room and sit down. "Yo that's a big surprise!" I said. "Yeah I know, she's in town promoting her new single so I offered her a 14 teen loli nude business move after I let her hear that song we recorded yesterday.""Oh you got the final mix?""Yeah this morning after I left.""Hot shit, I gotta hear it.""Also, I need to talk to you about how much my record company wants to pay yall for the initial use of the song.""Really? How much?""$70,000?""Whhaaaatttt?""They might want to make that the photos nudist lolitas angels second single, or third if you include the buzz single.""Wow dude! Ok!""But we'll talk about that shit later, I wanna talk about... you know what..." he said as he put his hand on my lolita pics sexy hamilton thigh."Ok ok, what about it?" I said smiling, not really sure what to say."I've been thinking about you all day. It's gonna kill me when dark preteen lolita toplist I leave tomorrow.""Yeah, that's not a good look for me either.""So how loli 17 years models about you come with me?""Man, that would be cool, but I have class," I said with a solemn expression."Damn, I don't want to ask you to miss class, but I really want you to come..." it got quiet lolita pics 10 15 and I opened my european lolita rape videos mouth to speak nn lolita flirty models but then he said, pre teen lolitas pictures "I think the first couple weeks of any relationship is the most important cause I want to get used to talking to you and seeing you everyday." He said with eyebrows raised. I could hear the sincerity in his words, which was weird to me. I mean, free pic kiddy lolita we are talking about a celebrity here. I know this cat must have billions of niggas to choose from. I didn't take his words serious last night... I just thought it would be cool to fuck wit a celeb. Real talk... cmon, I'm a nigga... cp imageboard preteen loli I think with my dick."So you were serious about the relationship thing?" I asked"What the fuck? Yeah! weren't you?!" He said standing up, up skirt russian lolitas getting russian lolita free mad."Na na na man, yeah I was...I mean, I am..." I said standing up close to him grabbing his hands. I saw his facial expression melt back down to a smile. "I think I'm just thinking foto young lolitas naturist like a nigga right now my dude. If I was a celeb and had access to anyone I want... why would I settle for some broke college kid?""Cuz that broke college kid got mad talent and sexy swag. And you not about to be broke much longer. Not only am I gonna take care of you, but you about to get more and more placements.""Keep ya money, and jus give me this," I said grabbing his ass."Even better." He said as he kissed me long and sexually. "I can already see how you gonna be once you get famous. nude preteen lolita pthc You gonna be a hoe." He said laughing."Haha, I guess you better train me now.""Starting today.""So how easy is it samples teen lolitas free for you to get some?""Easy as shit. But I'm looking for more than sex... I did that in my teens when I was with B2K. Celebrities fuck with every other celebrity, and the `regulars' get 100 lolita toplist photo too star-struck and clingy.""So it's hard finding love.""Yeah, but you could make it easier," he said with his arms around my waist and faces about 9 inches apart."Haha, you wanna love me nigga?" I said in a mockish swag-filled tone"Yo you the one that's gonna fall... deep." he said confidently."Aight aight." I said smiling."So you coming with me?""I have a test on Monday.""Ok, so I'll get you a flight for Monday night.""Haha, aight nigga."We walked back into the room where the guys were letting Ciara hear our songs. Ciara wanted three songs but said she had to narrow it down to one so we spent two hours narrowing down to one song. After re-arranging it for a female perspective and Ciara writing a different bridge... she was ready to record it in the big studio. This time, since Kris and Joe missed the last one, they were to go to the studio session... which little girl lolita cunts I know made Mark unhappy since he was in love with Ciara. But she invited us all to her album release party whether our song would make the cut or not.Monday night came quick. I was waiting at the airport for my flight to board, still trying to grasp what was going on. "Why are you doing this Rome?" I kept asking myself. I mean, is this what I really want? I spent my whole life loving women, and all of sudden a male celebrity becomes interested and I make a verbal commitment? I've been approached by countless dudes since I grew into my maturity, but I've ignored, decline and dismissed everyone of them... and some even looked better little lolita girls boys than Omarion. Was I doing this because he could get me further in my music? If so, then that lolita underage girls pictures makes me a lolita preteen models legal hoe! I'm no better than those people like Cassie who people think sucked Diddy's dick to get underage teen preteen prelolita a record deal. But ls lolita teen links I don't want O's money, I don't even want his help if he expects me to give him something young lolita pic xxx in return! I suddenly became extremely upset and got up real cp lolita pics to leave the airport having changed my mind about going and the whole relationship thing. Then suddenly I get a phone call...Omarion!"Sup handsome, you at the airport right?" He said after I picked up."Yeah man, at the gate right now.""Cool! Can't wait to see you. I'm gonna be the one picking you up.""Aight patna.""See you in a couple hours!""Yessir."After I hung up I realized something. I really liked this dude. I preteen lolita incest stories know myself pretty well. I know that I can get mostly anyone that I want right now. I don't know why... call it good genes, or just the right age of my growth. But having that be, I'm not phased by "good-looks" or "status" in terms of choosing my lover. There are so many good-looking people that have piss poor attitudes, lolita art nature gallery that I'd rather spend my time with someone who is average little lolita xxx pics with an above-average conversation and personality. So the fact that Omarion is russian pay sites lolita who he is will never be a determinant on why I like him. There is something about him that gives me chills every time I talk to him. Damn, I really like this dude.I arrive in LA and I see Omarion wearing dark preeteen sex lola members sunglasses and a hoodie. I approach him smiling saying, "Incognito my nigga?" He smiles and said, "You traveling wit a star young one," he says lifting his head up to mock confidence. I laugh and said, "Haha, oh yeah, forgot about that."We arrive at his hotel around 5:00pm while my people back home kept calling and wondering where I am. I decided not to tell them what I was doing so no suspicion arises. hot lolita top bbs I just canceled our sessions we had lined for the week and discussed an at-home assignment that needs to be completed underaga lolita models nude by our next team meeting. I don't have a life outside the team. I used to. I used to party a lot, drink a lot, fuck a lot, but innocent young flowers lolita that lasted all of a three months before I realized that that lifestyle wasn't fit lolikon bbs 3d xxx for me. I love being productive. I love relaxing and little lolita smoking model I LOVE my personal sexy petite lolita girls space."So we have a few more hours before my meeting starts," said Omarion sitting on the free lolita pic xxx bed. "What you wanna do?" He asks lifting his eyebrows. Since I finally realized that I liked this guy, it made it easier for me to be more affectionate towards him."Well first, I wanna remember what it felt like to be close young russian girls lolita to you." I said licking my lips."I think there's room on this bed," Omarion said smiling and moving back so that he's sitting upright fully on the bed against the headboard. I crawl into bed and sit to his left and put my arm behind his back and started caressing his thigh with my wrapped arm's hand. Then I go in for a kiss and felt him aggressively kiss back. That was the first time I had an aggressive kiss. Girls are more sensitive with their kisses and I'm always the one being rough. It felt good feeling that power back at me and gave me an instant hard-on that Omarion started rubbing."I think someone wants me to say hi," said Omarion in a low sexy near-whisper."Yeah, he misses you." I said finding my way up his shirt preteen lolita taboo pix to feel his rock-hard abs. I'm not even close to as fit as Omarion. I have an average muscle balance. My dad was extremely little lolitas pics a natural athlete so even though I suck at every athletic activitiy, I somehow manage to have this naturally toned physique. It comes best preteen models lollipops in handy, but I still look bad when I'm compared to this built skinny nigga.Omarion reaches down my pants and starts to play with my balls while biting my bottom lip. Just when he was about to unzip my pants and let Jr. out, we hear a knock at the door. We quickly change positions and I jump out of the bed and start magical lolita pthc imageboard playing on my phone on the other bed while Omarion goes to the door."Who is it!" He yells, kind of pissed."Nigga open free forbidden loli pics up," a familiar voice says. Omarion peeks through the door eye, and starts to unlock the door. Then in walks Bow Wow."What are doing here?" asks a nonchalant Omarion."I heard you was back in town and decided to stop by. What a nigga can't say what up anymore?" He says in his regular cocky manner that I've seen in interviews. The he turns to me, "Who is this?""This is Rome, he's a songwriter from Atlanta, I just recorded one of his songs the other day. Hot shit.""Oh yeah, ya people were telling me about that. Wuddup bruh" Bow Wow preteen lolita 1op 100 said still staring at me."Why the fuck you talking to my people for nigga?" Omarion rhetorically asks as he goes to get a cup of ice water."Nigga chill out, what you got planned for this week.""Same ole shit, and introducing Rome to the few people.""What so you his mentor now?" Bow Wow says laughing."Blah blah blah bitch," joked Omarion sounding a little annoyed. "Yo I appreciate ya visit, but me and Rome were right in the middle of discussing some business, so I'mma have to catch up with you lata.""Aight man, but yo shy lola bbs list lemme talk to you your 100 lolita xxx privately for a minute, some serious shit." Bow Wow said hinting me to leave."Dude can't asian lolita 10yo girl that wait, you see I'm tryna be productive with a guest here?" Omarion said kind of pissed. These niggaz got some tension between them so I jumped in and said, "Nah its cool, I see you need some more ice, Imma go re-fill it.""You sure?" asked O."Aint nothing.""Yeah, and make sure you take the long route." Said Bow Wow laughing. Lil nigga must not know where I'm from so I stood up, towering over homeboy and pass by him looking down at him, giving my pit bull mug while pushing him wit my shoulder and say, "Aight nigga."I took a good 20 minutes getting the ice then I made my way back to the room. I heard some loud muffled yelling and suddenly xxx lolitas 14yo nymphets the door opens and Bow Wow storms out. I say, "You aight?" He doesn't even look at me and walks passes me saying, "Fuck off nigga."I go inside and find O sitting on the bed with his thumbs under his chin and his top best lolita stories elbows on his thigh. "What the fuck just happened O?" I inquire."Nah nothing. Don't worry about that sensitive ass bitch boy.""Aight man, if you need to tell me something, then I got you.""What I need is for you is to come sit next to me." He says with a slight unconvincing grin. I sit next to him and his suddenly wraps his legs around my thighs and sits on my lap facing me. Before I could even speak he sticks his tongue down my throat and start ripping my clothes off. After lolita bbs sexy movies my half-way torn shirt is off, he just stares at me with innocent eyes and smiles while caressing my right ear. "You wanna try something new?" He says."Depends on what it galleries 16 lolitas cgi is." sun bbs top lolita I said smiling"How bout this same lolita cutie 13 yo position, me on top of you except we'll be naked," he says grabbing my wifebeater."Hm, is that something you really want O?""Damn I love you calling me that," he says avoiding directly answering my question."Let's make it happen. But get my dick wet first," I said."Mmm, yessir Rome." He smoothly slides little lolita incest stories off me and gets on his knees looking at me the whole time. He unbuckles my belt and starts unzipping me. I lift up a little so my pants and underwear easily and anxiously slides off. He eagerly starts licking my nut sack, not even wasting time with foreplay. After 5 ls models vlad loli minutes of ball play, I lift his head and direct it to the tip of my dick which was met with a warm wet tongue and surrounding lips. I look at Omarion who was not looking at me anymore and saw him hold my dick still with 14 15 yo lolitas his right hand as he moves my 8.5" dick further and further into his mouth until I could feel his throat muscles jerk, knowing that he is at gagging point. But I push his head further down xxx lolita preteen list and he accepts every inch of my dick until his nose is smelling my pubes. "Damn O, yeah that's it," I whisper with my eyes closed and toes curled. Omarion moans as he begins to bop up and down on my dick.After almost climaxing inside his mouth, Omarion stops. He free lolita nympho galleries gets up and goes to his bag pulling out a condom child nude lolly edition and some lube. Then he smoothly and teasingly walks back to me when a grin on his face. He gets back on his knees and sexually puts the little lolli models topless condom on my now semi-hard dick with his ukrainian lolita preteen pics lips, getting it back to its full erection. "Lay back on the bed," he orders.As I lay there, he crawls on the bed and sits on my abs lolita dark list nude as he lubes up my dick without looking. He starts to play with my nipples and then grabs my dick and directs lolita sex top 100 it towards his asshole. He slowly slides it in, making a face that shows pain. Determined to put it all in there, he finally sits back down with my dick lolita little girl porn fully up his ass. His eyes closed, a small grin appears and he bits his lip while slowly moving little nude lolitas boys up and down. The feeling of his obvious tight asshole was a completely different and more exhilarating experience than pussy. Omarion, sven ptsc bbs lol being the dancer he is, start grinding my dick making the experience ten times more pleasurable and causing me to loudly moan for the first time in my sexual experience. "Damn that ass feels nice and tight my nigga," I say. I lift him up and push him off me lolita extreme pre teen and order him to get on all fours with his ass out. After he does it, I move closer and start to grab his ass. Then I dive in and starting eating his ass out and can taste the lube that was on dick while he was riding me. I hear him moan and I stick my tongue in deeper and deeper lolitas preteen nude cp and start to French kiss his asshole. "Mmm, put it in me nigga. Shit feels so good." So I get up and position my dick toward his wet hole and slowly inserts the head, followed by the shaft. "ahh shit nigga. That's it," he whispers. Once I feel he's use to the motion, I begin fucking the shit outta his ass. I see that chiseled ass shake as I pound him faster and faster with every stroke. "Damn pa! Fuck me just like that!" I slap his ass and stick this dick further inside with goals of reaching his stomach and having him moan louder than he was. Once that goal was reached, I lolita bbs gides sites pull out and turn him over. I put his legs on my shoulders and stick my dick back in him. I lean over and give him a kiss while I'm grinding my dick inside his hole. "Damn Rome, you know how to use that dick." I smile while biting his bottom lip and continue fucking videos de lolita pussy his ass. I felt myself about to climax so I pull out and take the condom off my dick. I scoot up the bed and start jacking my dick off on Omarions face who starts little underage preteen lolitas jacking lolita underage girls toplist his own dick. 30 seconds later I shoot 5 shots of cum on his face, all missing his mouth. That's followed by Omarion's climax that's felt all on my back. That nigga is a shooter today. Then I collapse and start panting. "Damn O, now that's some hot shit." Omarion laughs and says, "Best fuck so far." I lolita nude model galleries start to close my eyes but Omarion moves the bed and I underage 16 lolita pics see him turn and look at me, still grinning. Then I start grinning and ask, "What's so funny?""Nothings funny, just glad you're here with me.""Ha, me free tiny loli pic too babe," I said turning away from him and close my eyes. I can't believe I just called tiny lil lolita sex him that, I subtly look at him with my eyes half-open to find him facing the ceiling smiling with his eyes closed.End of Part 2... I had to keep it sexual with just Rome and Omarion this time for plot sexy lolita kid pics fluency, but the next parts are going to introduce more celebrities. Keep the e-mails coming because zeps dark lolitas toplist they are helping me make this series more interesting. Like I said before, name your favorite black celebrities that you want to be included in the series, the most popular will be
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